1. Available at the Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system 32-bit version of IE browser (version 6.0 or above) to use; other operating system and browser version is not yet supported.

  2. PCs have a microphone to hear your voice the other side, while speakers (or headphones) you can hear each other's voices.

  3. Web phone users need not pay any call charges.

  4. If you close the browser call will result in dropped calls.

  5. Do not simultaneously open two Web Call page, otherwise it will cause the sound to one-way call.

  6. If the user has a firewall (Firewall, Proxy) under the environment of the equipment may not be available.

  7. ActiveX components are installed: the case of the first call, when there icon, select to install it, the device has been Microsoft certified for safe use.

  8.  Web Call is the use of computers as media communication over the Internet, so the call quality due to the client environment and the bandwidth vary, the general call quality may be different.

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